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Silver bracelet with cubic zirconia

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Silver 925°- Zirconia

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Bracelet Allegra is designed for those who want to carry the joyful colors of nature within themselves.

This bracelet, adorned with multicolored crystal beads, will become an indispensable companion on hot summer days.

Rhodium plating on 925 silver
Insert(s): Cubic Zirconia
Length: 17-21 cm Cross

925 silver bracelet with cubic zirconia is the most popular and versatile jewelry piece that will appeal to both women and men. Practically every woman and girl dreams of such an adornment. And if you add an interesting pendant to the bracelet, the created look will dazzle those around you. The bright shine of silver will complete the created image, which is why fashionistas worldwide usually choose this shade.

The bracelet can be used as a standalone accessory or paired with an original pendant or charm. It is important to choose the chain correctly so that it harmonizes with the facial features and clothing style. For example, a thin bracelet with delicate weaving will suit a young girl, while a more massive weaving style will be appropriate for a businesswoman. And of course, it is necessary to consider the taste of the future owner of the jewelry.
Cubic zirconia is one of the best diamond imitations. It is not a natural stone; it is made artificially. Long ago, scientists wanted to create a substitute for diamonds for various tests under laboratory conditions. Thus, the popular stone cubic zirconia was created, which is now indispensable in the production of jewelry.

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