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One of the most coveted female accessories has always been a gold necklace. The demand for these ornaments never stops. This decoration clearly shows the special status of its owner - such decorations are quite expensive and if a woman could afford it, it reflects her high position in the society.

The word "necklace" has a French origin which means an accessory that is worn around the neck. Such ornaments hundreds of years decorated the necks of aristocratic people and women of royal blood. And in ancient Egypt such decorations were enjoyed by great pharaohs, for them it was a symbol of full power.

Today, a gold necklace does not have any magical properties, it's just an incredibly beautiful and status accessory that perfectly complements any image. With the help of such an ornament, you can create a luxurious look.

Gold necklace: catalog, prices

Nowadays, you can choose a gold necklace of any design and model. First of all, they differ in size, there are both short and very long necklaces. Long are obtained due to the joints of various gold elements combined with precious stones. Short ones usually reach the chest and can consist of separate chains, inlaid with precious stones.

For an evening going out, even shorter gold necklaces are usually chosen, and thanks to this they look very elegant - it can be just a chain with a beautiful pendant. Especially in fashion are so called chokers - such necklaces look elegant even in everyday life, emphasizing the delicate taste of its owner.

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