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A ring is not only an accessory, but also a perfect option for a gift on a special occasion or as a pleasant detail for a loved person. It is true that in the majority of cases it is a common present from a man to his lady. Nevertheless, there are a lot of occasions when you can surprise your couple, mother o sister as well as a male part of your family with this jewelry. Usually, such a gift is prepared like a surprise, so that in this way it provokes especially positive emotions. However, if you plan to surprise your loved ones, you will have to determine the ring size by yourself. In fact, you will not face any difficulties if you follow some simple rules and recommendations.

Common rules

If you urgently need to buy a ring, the first and the most important question is how to determine the ring size. There are several ways how to do it.

It worth saying, that it is better to measure a finger in the second part of the day. It is easily explained by biological clock of the body, in other words - its own daily rhythms. Due to this biological clock, a human body constantly suffers changes. That's why we recommend to measure a finger in the evening as in this moment the body is more puffed-up and you will be able to determine a finger size more precisely.

Moreover, you should take into account the environment temperature, as this factor has influence on the finger size.

Jewelry with precious stones require special attention. If a jewelry item is entirely covered by gems, futher it will make it difficult to change its size. That's why it is better to find out properly how to measure a finger before buying a ring.

Nowadays, it becomes more and more important to be able to determine a ring size by your own. And the point is not that recently people give presents more often, but due to the fact that
the everyday practice has included the purchase of such jewelry in online stores, where there is no any possibility to try a ring before its purchase. Therefore, it is very important to measure everything correctly.

Perhaps, the easiest way to determine the size of a finger is to use a flexible ruler or to transfer the division of the ruler to a small piece of paper. Further, a flexible ruler or a prepared template is wrapped around a finger. But there are also other ways to determine the size of a finger.

How to determine a ring size at home

There are several efficient ways to determine a ring size for you or you loved one.

Option 1.

For example, you can use a usual 0.5 mm width thread. In this case you will need:

·         To wrap this thread 5 times around the chosen finger. Take a note that you should not wrap it neither too tight nor too loose. Then the thread is fixed and its tails are trimmed  with scissors.

·          Now measure the length of the thread wrapped around your finger with a ruler and divide this figure in millimeters in 15.7 to determine the diameter.

·           If the result is not an integral figure, round it upward.

Option 2.

If you need to determine the finger size you can use another option. You will need:

·         To prepare a slip of paper (1-2 cm) and wrap it around the chosen finger. Then make a corresponding mark with pen or pencil. Remember, you should not wrap the finger too tight or too loose to get a more precise diameter of the ring.

·         Now measure the marked segment on the paper slip with a ruler and divide its length in millimeters in 3.14 to obtain the diameter.

The following chart will help you to determine the ring size:

                  (Finger size in mm)                                  (Finger diameter in mm)                                   (Ring size)

Option 3.

 We have also prepared a special template that you can print at home and use it to determine the ring size:

1.      Print the template - download

2.     Check the scale with a control ruler. Some printers can add margins to the printed document, so you should delete them.

3.      Cut the printed slips of paper with scissors.

4.      Wrap the slip of paper around your finger in order the filled square is not seen.

5.      The corresponding slip of paper will determine your ring size.


Option 4.

One more option to determine the ring size is to use a special ruler. Use our prepared template, print it and cut it according the marks. Then wrap the ruler around your finger but not too tight. The mark will determine your ring size. Remember that if you plan to buy a wide ring, you should add +0.5 size to the final result and if you want to choose a fine elegant ring, wrap the ruler more tightly.

All the options mentioned before are quite useful in case you choose a ring for you in online shop. So, what shall we do if we want to buy a ring as a present and make a surprise for somebody? In this case we also have some recommentations that will help you.
Option 5.

To find out the ring size without additional measures, you can use a special template that we have prepared for you. You just print this template and cover each circle with a ring till they coincide in inner diameter.

Secret investigation

Obviously, the easiest and most reliable way to check the ring size is to ask a person who knows it. It can be a relative, a friend or somebody who can deal with it and keep the secret. Unfortunatelly, this option is not available for  everybody, so you should sort it yourself.

So, if you choose a ring for somebody as a surprise, use one of the following options.

It is easier to get another ring that this person wears recently. If a boy has access to the jewelry of his couple and she changes it constantly, nobody will note the missing item. If you take this ring to the specialised shop, it will be measured carefully and you will be offered an optimal option for your gift.

Also, do not disregard the option of independent measurements. It will require attention and be smart. It is necessary to note in advance in what situations a girl takes off all her jewelry. As soon as the necessary moment turns up (a girl goes to the shower or start washing the dished) you will only have to circle carefully the ring on the paper, strictly according to its internal diameter. You can also make a clear imprint in some plastic material. In this case you can use not only the well-known since childhood clay, but also a piece of soap.

Many people try the rings on their finger. And if the ring does not fit completely, you can use a pen to make necessary marks on where it does fit.

Sometimes you may use tricky ways to determine the diameter of the ring. Some people apply their  own "compatibility test", someone proceed with other tricks. In any case, to get the right result in each of the mentioned ways, you need to know exactly on which finger a person wears a ring. After all, every finger has its own dimensions, and this must certainly be taken into account.

Advise to determine the ring size

As we mentioned before, in order to determine the diameter of the finger with maximum accuracy, you need to remember some features of the human body:

It is better to take measurements in the afternoon.

Measure the finger in the conditions of extreme hot or too cold weather is neither a good option, because the finger may shrink or, on the contrary, swell due to weather conditions.

Strong emotional turmoil and woman period are not the best moments to measure the finger as it will turn out inexact.

Try to select items with a slightly larger diameter. In this case, even in hot weather, it will not begin to squeeze the finger.

Remember, that  fingers on the right and left hand do not have the same size.

If you plan to purchase a wide ring (more than 9 mm),  you need to opt for 0.5 size more.

In other words, everyone is able to find out the diameter of the necessary finger, both of one’s own and of another person, if you apply some simple devices or tricks.

If your ring is no longer suites you, an experienced specialist will be able to change its dimensions.