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Buy brooches from amber

The amber brooch is a classic accessory that can beautifully complement almost any look, giving it a special finished look. If you add amber beads, amber earrings and an amber ring to the brooch, you can create a truly full-fledged beautiful image.

And we, of course, have a huge selection of brooches from this sun stone. A brooch made of a solid stone or small pieces of amber connected to each other is a simple but unusual piece of jewelry that will emphasize your original style and delight with the warmth of natural sun amber.

This amazing accessory is made of natural Baltic amber and will be a good addition to any outfit. It will highlight your personality, taste and sense of style. Amber can be compared to the sun - the sun plays so beautifully with iridescence on its surface. Jewelry sets, such as amber earrings, amber beads and amber wrist bracelets, will help you to feel the harmony between the beauty of a woman and amber. Amber gives a feeling of warmth and tenderness, it inspires and warms.

There is no doubt about the high quality of brooches presented in our catalog - all products are handmade using natural Baltic amber. Each product has all the necessary seals and certificates of authenticity from the manufacturer. We work only with the best Russian jewelry manufacturers. See for yourself - buy an amber brooch as a gift to a loved one or as a souvenir for yourself.