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➤Brooches of 585 assay value gold

Buy a brooch made of red Russian gold

A gold brooch is not an indispensable accessory, but it can perfectly complement the image, giving it a finished look. A beautiful outfit, chain, ring and brooch will create a truly full and refined image. Thanks to all this, girls and women can provoke true delight amoung surrounding people.

Gold brooches were especually popular in the XIX-XX century, when no festive attire could be imagined without a luxurious brooch, because women always tend to look luxurious and attractive. In those days, this accessory emphasized the status and security of the owner.

Now  brooches are back in modern fashion, becoming an optional, but very interesting and attractive accessory. Thanks to it you can show your elegance and personality. It is very popular to decorate scarves, shawls, collars or dresses with a tiny brooch.

The most popular model of a gold brooch is a pin brooch. Such an accessory looks very modest and comfortable. Also the advantage of this model is its versatility - it can be worn with absolutely any outfit, both everyday and evening dress. Also, many beauties like a butterfly brooch. It is made in the form of a butterfly and is decorated with various precious stones, which gives it an additional magical brilliance.

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