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Buy a silver icon in the car

Silver icons have not only a sacred sacred meaning, but also a special protective energy. Thanks to natural metal, saints and images additionally receive a mystical protective effect, preventing the evil eye, damage and malicious intent from entering the monastery. That is why automobile icons are so popular. They are able to protect a believer on the way and in motion by car.

Automobile icons - a bar with three icons made of 925 sterling silver will allow you to pray to the patron saints before the road, tune in to the path and serve as a kind of amulet. The face of Nicholas the Wonderworker, the Mother of God and the Savior Not Made by Hands are the images of defenders and patrons, hotly revered by Orthodox Christians.

In the catalog of our online store, there are always silver travel icons. We offer a wide range of car icons. All products are made by professional jewelers to the highest quality. You can buy an icon for a car as a gift or for any other important event in our online store at ionn.de.