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Сertainly you will not remain indifferent to a gold pendant around your neck. This jewelry has always been distinguished by elegancy, quality and affordable price. A gold pendant will complement and emphasize any image. You just need to find a perfect pendant that will suit you perfectly.

Gold pendants can be made of white and yellow gold. Obviously, the color of the item depends on the metal alloy. White gold is obtained of the impregnation of a small amount of palladium in pure metal. Jewelers use this type of gold very often as it is perfectly combined with the precious stones from phianites to diamonds and sapphires.


The second possible shade of gold is yellow gold. It has a classic color  thanks to the combination of several metals in the alloy. It will be perfect for you if you want to show your status.


A gold pendant is perfectly combined with other accessories, for example, gold rings, and if the stones of the set are the same, then this image is simply doomed to success. A properly selected pendant is able to soften the image, making it more gentle. It is believed that gold pendants made of yellow gold is particularly suitable for blondes and redheaded girls. At the same time, brunettes should give preference to white gold.


Gold pendants: catalog, prices

A female gold pendant can have absolutely any shape and variation. They can be large and hanging over your clothes. Such pendants look especially elegant as now the fashion has a  free style. Recently, the chokers are in great demand. Instead of a chain, a gold pendant is attached to a textile band around the neck. But there are also chokers with a short chain that look quite pretty.


In our online store you can buy gold pendants without inserts, gold pendants in the form of zodiac signs, gold crosses, pendants icons. And of course here you can find various gold pendants with precious stones: agate, alexandrite, amethyst, diamonds, garnet, pearls, emeralds, quartz, Swarovski crystals, opal, ruby, sapphires, topazeszircon, chrysolite and gold pendants with amber.


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