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➤Selection of silver piercing

Gold piercing: beautiful body decoration

Nowadays, everyone already knows what piercing is. Even the older generation not only refers to it normally, but also begins to use it. But of course, such jewelry is chosen mainly by young people to emphasize the beauty of certain parts of their body.

Each type of puncture has its both positive and negative sides. Before you decide on a piercing in any place on the body, you need to know some features and warnings. Firstly, never do it by yourself at home - it should be done by a professional. Secondly, if you have a low pain threshold, then you should resort to the help of an anesthetic. And the third thing to understand is that the future earring must be of high quality made of a precious metal and have a convenient shape.

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Nose piercing gives a kind of youth and enthusiasm, attracting the opposite sex. Nose wings piercing is absolutely safe and harmless to the body and, of course, it looks nice, shimmering in the light. Punctures of the septum between the nostrils and piercing of the nose bridge are also popular. Such jewelry will look more unusual and extravagant, giving to its owner eccentricity and self-confidence.

The most popular piercing is a navel piercing. This is the most sexy and attractive decoration for many girls. Anyway, it provokes a large number of fears since this piercing is located in the abdominal area and has a constant contact with clothing. But experts assure that properly made piercing is completely safe and harmless.

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