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Buy gold bars online in the IONN online shop

Why invest in coins and bars?

GIFT. A solid and original gift for a birthday, wedding, New Year's Eve and other festive and family celebrations. The advantage of such a gift is that the ingot does not lose value after purchase. Unlike other gifts and perhaps with the benefit of increasing returns.

INVESTMENTS. For entrepreneurs and investors, buying gold bars is a reliable investment decision, a secure understanding of the safety of capital.
A safe investment for your future and the future of your family.

JEWELLERY. Gold bars made of 999.9 pure gold, which makes it possible to fuse the bars into the desired exclusive product by contacting a jeweler.

Experts expect the price of gold and other precious metals to rise sharply in the future.

The manufacturer is Valcambi SA. Investment gold is not subject to sales tax in any EU country.