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Natural amber pictures

Since ancient times, amber was called a solar stone and attributed various positive qualities. Many thousands of years protective amulets and ornaments have been producing from this mineral. One of these ornaments is represented by amber pictures. It is considered that amber is able to give wealth and luck to its owner.

But all these positive qualities are attributed only to natural amber which you can find in our online store. Pictures from natural amber are able to bring a beneficial atmosphere to your house. All paintings are made by professional masters using only high-quality materials and technologies. Thanks to close cooperation with manufacturers of amber paintings, we can provide our customers with an attractive and affordable price.

When choosing a pattern from amber we advise to adhere to some basic rules, so that this accessory will please your look and fill the house with positive energy. First, you need to select a picture according to the style of the interior of the room, in which the picture will be placed. Secondly, the frame and the picture itself should match the color of the walls. And thirdly, you need to select a picture for a specific room, for example, in the living room, bedroom or kitchen.

For premises with a classical interior, an amber painting with a landscape or an amber icon is usually chosen. If the room is made in oriental style, then you should give preference to still life. For darker walls, pictures in bright frames are usually selected. For gray walls from a design point of view, the patterns with a predominance of purple or lilac color are suitable, while on the lighter walls the pictures with dark frames look quite nice.

For large rooms (living room, corridor), the choice should be given to large pictures. For a bedroom it is recommended to choose a picture of amber in more gentle tones. For the kitchen, paintings with a still-life or flowers are perfect. And to give the working environment to your office you can choose pictures with landscape, for example, with mountains or a waterfall.

A large number of different pictures of amber can be found on the pages of our website www.ion.de. All the pictures are tested and passed quality control.