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➤Collection of amber souvenirs

Souvenirs from amber - a beautiful and useful gift

Amber souvenirs are a truly universal gift for yourself or loved ones. The second name for amber is the sun stone. This name stuck to him due to the noble yellow color and brilliance.

A large number of amber souvenirs and talismans are presented in our online store, for gifts or for home decoration. The secret of many millions of years will bring harmony and joy into your life.

If you want to increase your well-being, then you can choose a frog souvenir. It is believed that keeping such a souvenir in the house has a beneficial effect on the financial situation. If you are in business, then you just need a figurine of an elephant with amber. Such a souvenir is perfect for a gift. It can be placed both at home and in the office, on the desktop.

The owl is a symbol of wisdom, and the executed figurine in conjunction with amber is able to protect your thoughts about negativity and vanity. This souvenir is very popular among the gift to relatives and friends, as in many countries it is really a talisman and amulet. Other souvenirs with birds are also popular, for example, the amber eagle, it symbolizes strength and power.

Also on the pages of our catalog are presented amber trees, the so-called ikebana. Caskets trimmed with amber chips will be a wonderful gift for any woman - they will reliably store various jewelry. You can find a large number of different amber souvenirs on the pages of our website. All souvenirs have been tested and passed quality control. You can buy amber souvenirs and amber icons in our online store ionn.de