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➤Collection of natural pearl necklaces

Pearl necklaces - one of the most popular jewelry

Since ancient times, pearls are considered to be a luxurious decoration, not accessible to everyone. Such jewelry shows a special status and aristocratic position in the society of their possessor.  This is one of the most classic women's jewelry along with gold and silver necklaces.

Great Coco Chanel always loved pearls. She put these jewelry in fashion of a modern woman. This necklace looks especially elegant in combination with a snow-white dress of the bride. That is why pearl beads have become an inalienable accessory of every modern bride.

Pearl are a universal decoration that fits both the everyday look and is suitable for going our at night. In any situation, they will be appropriate. This is achieved through a large selection of different types, colors and variations of beads and necklaces of pearls. Particularly there are different colors of pearls, or directly "multi-colored" beads (combined). Such decorations are highly valued, due to rarity, and spectacular appearance.

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Often beads of pearls are combined with other stones, for example with a garnet or amber. A properly selected accessory can positively influence the life of its owner, giving him luck, positive emotions and health.

Pearl beads can be supplemented by any pendant. Some women choose multi-row beads, because they are especially combined with evening dresses. Such beads can simply lie flat or curl in a certain pattern.

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