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*Here we present sterling silver earrings 925

Earrings from 925 silver

On the pages of our online store www.ionn.de you can buy inexpensive different earrings made of 925 silver. All ornaments have all the necessary documents and certificates, since we work only with official manufacturers of silver jewelry. Earrings are made only of durable metal, which has all the necessary seals and tags. Buying silver earrings from us - you can be assured of impeccable quality of products.

In our store you can buy silver earrings: Clips and other earrings, Collection "Orio", In English lock, On hooks, Pusset, With gold plating, With round clasp, Earring-rings.

A large number of different earrings, both female and male, you can find on the pages of our site. All the silver earrings are approved and passed quality control. Buy earrings from silver, as well as other jewelry you can in our online store ionn.de. In our catalog there are more ornaments for all occasions and for any reason. Buy jewelry for yourself or as a gift to a loved one - such a gift will not be left without attention. Also we have an established delivery system by DHL. We also have a delivery system by parcel service DHL. And thanks to direct shipments from the manufacturer, we can offer you an outstanding price without additional margins.