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Gold-plated jewelry

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Gold-plated jewelry are silver items, artfully made from natural gold. Such products are not inferior in appearance to the appearance of real gold jewelry and are not so expensive when buying. Such products will be appropriate both in everyday life and for social events.

Such jewelry has gained its popularity thanks to its appearance, that is not less attractive that the gold items. This kind of jewelry is of the same yellow color and beautiful shine.

The first thing that distinguishes real gold from costume jewelry is brilliance. It is believed that gold-plated products have a brighter shine than natural gold. But if you want the jewelry to be as much like real gold - then choose jewelry with a moderate sheen. Also, gilded products are less weighty. This is another way to determine the costume jewelry.

But with all the positive qualities, these jewelry items have one special feature: they can leave marks on the skin. Since it is not natural gold, it can come in contact with the skin, leaving traces on it. To avoid this, regularly wipe your jewelry and wear them carefully.

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