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Earrings in red gold of 585 assay value with achat and zirconia

Product number: 726178/OH

Red gold of 585 assay value (14ct) with achat and zirconia

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Earrings in red gold of 585 assay value (14ct)

Inser: achat and zirconia
Height: 52 mm
Gold: 585 assay value
Favorable price
High quality
Modern design
Earrings with achat and zirconia from red gold of 585 assay value have always been popular all over the world. It is difficult to imagine a woman who does not dream of such jewelry. Properly selected earrings emphasize the natural beauty of their owner. The glitter of red gold makes your image more elegant, that's why girls and women have always loved and appreciated this noble shade of metal. If you are not an exception, you can choose earrings among a huge variety that we offer on the pages of our online store.
Achat is a semi-precious stone. A ring with agate brings harmony, beneficially influencing the health of the owner, giving self-confidence, protecting from dangers and negative energy. Agate symbolizes health and longevity, harmony and protection. Presented as a gift by a loving person, it will become a wonderful talisman and a faithful amulet for life.

Zirconia is one of the best diamond imitations. Once upon a time, scientists decided to create a diamond replacement in the lab. It turned out to be a popular stone that is indispensable in jewelry manufacturing.
There is no doubt in the high quality of the products presented in our catalogue as we work directly with the best jewelry manufacturers. Each product has all the necessary certificates of authenticity for metal and embedded gems. We try to meet all modern fashion trends and cooperate only with the most talented jewelers. Therefore, if you decide to buy red gold earrings in our store, you are guaranteed: a high level of service, perfect quality products and the lowest prices.
Thanks to a large selection of shapes, styles and design solutions of gold earrings with agate, presented on the pages of our catalogue, you will definitely be able to choose a perfect option. Impeccable quality and modern design is what distinguishes our gold earrings. A reasonable price will allow you to choose a perfect gift for you or a loved one. You can buy earrings with fast delivery in our online store at ionn.de.
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