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Amber jewelry

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Amber jewelry and accessories

have a look at the catalog of amber products in the online store IONN Versand. Here you will find not only a large assortment of high quality jewelry, but also convenient order registration and low prices directly from the manufacturer!

Useful properties of amber fit absolutely all the signs of the zodiac. According to one version, the word "amber" comes from the Lithuanian "gintaras", which means "defender of diseases." Amber products have medical properties, help with thyroid diseases, metabolic disorders, moderate teething for kids. Amber has an anti-stress and soothing effect on the human body - just hold it in your hands for a few minutes.

In addition, scientists have found that amber is rich in salts of succinic acid, which is a biostimulator. Amber acid stimulates the nervous system, normalizes the activity of the intestine, it is an anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, antitoxic agent.

Hundreds of shades of amber make it possible to successfully combine it with both silver and gold. Amber jewelry is an original and valuable gift. The sun mineral is a great gift not only for the amber wedding (34 years of marriage). Pay attention to the pictures made of amber - win-win gifts that everyone will like. You can make an original present by ordering us a portrait of amber for your friends, relatives or colleagues.

Buy amber jewelry in the online store

Unique handwork amber icons, inlaid with stone amber and amber crumb. Our artists make icons according to all the canons of the Russian Orthodox Church. In our online store there is a large catalog of icons from natural amber: Orthodox and Catholic icons. And, of course, here we present you a wild range of amber-made jewelry: rings, earrings, pendants in gold and silver.

Having bought products from amber, they can become your family heirloom. Over the years,  amber will not lose its attractiveness and value. On our web site we use only real photos to represent our products made from amber.

Nowadays, there are original processing technologies for giving amber the desired color and texture: clarification, burning, heating, chemical processing, grinding, cutting, stone carving and others. Also especially worth noting is pressed amber. Pressed amber is made from 100% natural raw materials.