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Here we present amber souvenirs and jewelry


We all like gifts, and it's even nicer to give them. We make gifts, our relatives and acquaintances to express our good attitude towards them, and it does not matter at all whether there is an opportunity or not, the main thing in this matter is attention. A wonderful tradition to create souvenirs many years ago and is also relevant in our time. What provokes us to make presents? First, it is the desire to give loved ones a pleasant feeling and to put a smile on their face. A well-known Japanese wisdom says that if you make a gift, then you have given a part of your soul.
We can create a picture of amber with their individual order.
The pictures and icons made of amber that are presented in our online shop are handmade. Every product is exclusive and unique. Thanks to the experience of our masters, new screens are constantly being created. Even in short lines, we will execute your order. For this we need a photo of the painting you want to order. We work with wholesalers and retailers. Our advantages: Quality guarantee, flexible discount system, individual approach for every buyer. On the website you can choose and buy a picture of amber. We will be glad to make your own painting with you!